Private Equity

Private-equity firms (“PE”) are formed by investors who want to directly invest in other companies, rather than buying stock. They usually buy the whole company. Investors in private equity funds include some of the nation’s largest pension funds and endowments, as well as individual wealthy investors.

Fusion focuses on private equity fund placements and private equity fund and portfolio transactions. The firm takes on a limited number of transactions in order to work on a tailored made basis with each specific client. Fusion specializes in bringing together the companies looking to raise equity funds and potential investors. We structure and coordinate the whole process, assisting investors to achieve the best value for their equity assets efficiently and discreetly.

Modern-day entrepreneurship is being encouraged and there is a wealth of funding available to new and small businesses. Whether you are looking for funding to start a new business, grow your existing business, develop an idea or to take your start-up to the next stage, the options available for early-stage fundraising can be numerous and the impact varied. The more traditional forms of raising cash such as a bank loan, loans from friends and family or invoice financing, to name a few, may have been exhausted or may not be viable options for you and your start-up business. A lack of trading history, a novel and unproven business model or a lack of tangible assets can all be reasons why start-up business owners decide that their best option is to raise funds they need by giving away equity.

Indian private companies help to generate investment opportunities for funds. By presenting investment ideas and conducting due diligence to validate market research, Fusion puts forth an unbiased, unaffected picture to the investor. We also assist in the continuous management and monitoring of the investment life cycle and also offer support at the time the investor fund decides to exit.

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